Robert and Tricia's Engagement Photos

Though this comes belated, I decided it's a perfect time to post my brother and his Fiance's engagement photos I photographed last summer. We went to a park in Scottsdale, Arizona and spent the evening at multiple locations.

In just under three weeks, these two very special people will be married.'s such a surreal thing. God has gifted me with an incredible brother who cares and loves me. He has been there through all of childhood as a playmate, an older brother who looked out for me as we got older, and so supportive throughout all of my personal endeavors. He has shown me great love throughout the years, and through all the ups and downs, laughs and tears: I am SO proud to have him as my brother. It's an exciting time in his life, and I am so proud of my brother for who he is, and who God is guiding him to be for the future.

Enjoy! :-)


Location: Scottsdale, AZ