Six Pianos – One Song – Two Minutes

During my travel to New York City, I ran across an event called "Sing For Hope" - 88 pianos stationed all across the city. I decided to play the same song in each location to make a mash-up later on. After sight-seeing on foot over a two-day period, I played on seven pianos, and I was able to get six recorded to later piece together. Enjoy!

Song: Rondo Alla Turca (Turkish March), Mozart

Locations on Video:
- Times Square
- Lincoln Center
- Central Park, Cherry Hill
- Central Park, Dairy's Gazebo
- Hudson Bay Pier
- Chelsea Pier

   Along this journey, my new-found friends and I (see first blog for pictures!) met a man and his girlfriend who was at the Hudson Bay Pier the same time we got there! We ended up doing a jam together, which can be seen below. It truly was an act of God, because we took a different route that we originally intended, we probably would have missed this encounter. It was so much fun! We also sang Disney songs together...he was truly so talented, and it was a great time! 

What a wonderful experience, and I hope to do it again in the near future!