Analise's First Birthday

What an incredible day October 3, 2015 was! I had the honor of assisting my dear friend, Jennifer, in the planning and coordination of her little girl's first birthday. Jennifer had a vision for the party ever since August, and we (mostly her) were busy at work since then getting all the elements in place to make this an unforgettable day for Analise, friends and family!

Jennifer, myself and Analise

Jennifer, myself and Analise

Myself and the birthday girl!

Myself and the birthday girl!

First off, understand that majority of the pictures you see below was either HER doing or her vision for the party! Future career in party planning? :-) I simply offered selective guidance of ideas and suggestions along the way, as well as assisting in a few specific projects she wanted done (I will make note of such projects when applicable).

Another fun note: This party opened my eyes to how much I love planning, crafting and dessert making! In addition to assisting her prior to the party day, I also had the honor of taking photographs of the day itself as it unfolded! I am SO proud of all her hard work (including other family and friends) to make it "ONE" incredible day.

SHOUT OUTTHANK YOU JENNIFER for allowing me to be part of your daughter's big day!

 With that said, I hope you enjoy photos from...

Analise's "Winter ONEderland" Party


Jennifer wanted this blackboard sign to be something that she could frame and keep for years to come. So, she found a similar Pinterest idea and asked if I could do something like it based on the specific traits of Analise. I am very pleased with how it turned out!


Brace yourself. The photos below may or may not make you want to raid a North Pole candy store...

This is just so beautiful...a wintery flurry of dessert fun! :-)

This is just so beautiful...a wintery flurry of dessert fun! :-)


Now, these furry little friends were probably my favorite part of the event. Just sayin'... Jennifer was adamant that we incorporated these little cute fluffies into the party, and I'm SO glad she did! They took me about 20 minutes each to construct, but totally worth it.

You know, you're told to not feed the there any rules about eating them? :-)


"Cookie Cut-out Credits" to Christina, Jennifer's sister, for extremely helping out in this process. The two sisters made a family-recipe based mix, I stopped by to help them cut out a handful of these beauties, and the sisters finished the job by making homemade icing and decorating. They turned out simply wonderful!


Dipped in pink frosting, we managed to roll these little treats up into pink bundles of cuteness! Then, Jennifer got pink straws and added a nice touch of pink bows on each one, as well added sprinkles in the frosting! Cute, cute and more cuteness all wrapped up in a nice tasty package!


Ok, it's not REALLY hot cocoa, but these scrumptious treats deserve a round of applause to Jennifer and her sister, Christina, for the major construction work that took place to make these little masterpieces!

Hot Cocoa 4 - watermark - Christie Roshau.jpg


Here are some other nice touches Jennifer added to pop the colors and add some character to the table (click on any to bring up a bigger picture)!


The pictures below include a few extra touches to add that extra love to the event. Snowflake "one" paper cutouts and "thank you" mini gift bags done by myself, "ONE" and "A" lettering, printed copy and mushroom decor crafted by Jennifer.

The lovely Martinez family...

The lovely Martinez family...

**Oh yes...A special thank you to Pinterest for helping along the way! :-)**


Event Credits

Jennifer Martinez: Party planner, overall look, decor layout, design execution, dessert creations, errands, mother of Analise :-)

Christie Roshau: Assistant planner, photography, dessert creations (bear construction), Analise blackboard signage, errands, yada yada :)

*Other assistance includes Christina Barby, Candace Roberts, and other family and friends who donated time and resources!