Our Wedding (Part III): The Reception


Christie and Bryan – Reception


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Thanks for checking out my wedding blog series! Such a beautiful story that I love looking back on. Did you miss "Part II – Our Ceremony"? Click HERE to get the scoop on all of the details to our ceremony! For this particular post, I focus on the TOP TEN MOMENTS of our amazing reception.  ❤ 



Note: Extended vendor reviews will be at the end of each blog for my "engaged" readers!


After saying our vows, it was off to the reception! We were so fortunate to have the opportunity of celebrating at the Paradise Valley Country Club, in Paradise Valley, AZ. A BEAUTIFUL background, a gorgeous ballroom, and glass doors that opened up to connect the two!

Christie and Bryan Lukes – Reception
Christie and Bryan Lukes – reception

During the cocktail hour, we were busy getting our photos taken! It was great, because it allowed for our family and friends to watch us enjoy these new memories off in the distance, as well as have activities, appetizers and drinks available for them in the patio area.

Christie and Bryan Lukes – reception
Christie and Bryan Lukes – reception
Christie and Bryan Lukes – reception


We were so thankful for the turnout of guests that we had at our wedding, and I wanted them to have an enjoyable evening. I'm all about creative fun, so I planned enough activities going on during our photoshoot, that if someone didn't want to participate in one activity, there would be another available that they might feel more comfortable with. Here are some of the things going on leading up to the food that (hopefully) kept the guests entertained, while also creating lasting memories for us to look back on.

  • “Guest Book” Vinyl Records – We had guests sign a vinyl record, along with their favorite lyrics. With any idea, you can add a personalized touch, and these are a great example. I could have gone out and buy records, but decided to use old records from my grandma. That way, I not only have a new memory with them, but an old memory to carry on!




  • Photo Frame – A huge shout out to my dad for creating this photo frame for our guests! It was set up in such a way that you could frame yourself with the Camelback mountain. Thank you to one of Bryan's friends and groomsmen, Sean Shelton, for taking this AMAZING photo!
Photo Credit: Sean Shelton

Photo Credit: Sean Shelton


Monopoly Game –  Bryan and I are all about games, so we put together one of my favorites for our guests to participate in! A huge thank you to my brother, Robert Roshau, for his creativeness to bring this idea to pass. It is such a joy to see everyone's ideas come to life, and I'm so thankful for this treasure we get to keep the rest of our lives!

Deck of Cards - Bryan and Christie Lukes Wedding.jpg

Deck of Cards – Continuing the idea of games, I thought it would be a neat keepsake with our final engagement shoot photos all in one place, as well as an opportunity for everyone to write a message on the inside portion of each card. It means so much to me to read back on all the personalized messages, and we appreciate them so much!

50 years box - Bryan and Christie Lukes Wedding.jpg



"50 Years" Letters – There were a total of 50 letters/envelopes left on specific seats throughout the ballroom, representing each year of marriage leading up to 50. On each anniversary, we are to open the corresponding year – giving us encouragement and memories throughout the next 50 years of marriage! I found this idea online through a wedding store website. What a cool memory for us to have with so many of our guests down the road!


  • Table Assignments (Cassette Tapes) – Keeping with the music and EKG-strip theme, each seating assignment had an engagement photo on the front, with an EKG heart inside with the guest's assigned table number. I just love how these turned out! We also put in "part one" of guests thank you gifts: a magnet with the Camelback view, personalized message from Bryan and me, along with our Bible verse for our marriage: 1 John 4:19.
Reception Decor – Christie and Bryan Wedding 5.jpg


  • Seat Assignments – Each seat assignment not only had the guest's name, but a cute EKG heart to pair. My aunt did all the calligraphy, and it looked absolutely amazing!
Name Card - Bryan and Christie Lukes Wedding.jpg
  • Thank you gifts – Personalization was KEY to this wedding! Every woman guest received a "bride" gift box with a personalized necklace (I went to Hobby Lobby and picked out about a half dozen different charm designs with matching chains, and then divided them up accordingly). For the men, we gave them a "groom" gift box, with box of personalized matches. Also, you'll see below personalized flower petals sewn by my dear friend, Sarah (since they did not allow real petals, she thought it would be neat to make them look better than the paper-version petals)!
Wedding Table Decor - Christie Lukes Photography.jpg
Reception Decor – Christie and Bryan Wedding 6.jpg
Reception Decor – Christie and Bryan Wedding 1.jpg
  • Table Setting Décor – Each table was carefully designed with the theme, color scheme, and atmosphere in mind: Blush jewels tossed on each table... "Did you know" facts about the bride and groom (yes, there were probably at least 50 messages, all personally designed)... Napkin holders with music staff/notes ... Children activities for the young one in attendance... Delicate floral designs at each table. 
Wedding Table Decor 2 - Christie Lukes Photography.jpg
Reception Decor – Christie and Bryan Wedding 3.jpg
  •  Head Table – I love how this table turned out! I found "Mr. & Mrs." Wood art with scripture subtly in the backdrop that were at the focal point of the table. Flowers from the ceremony were brought over an re-used on this table (not shown in the above photo), as well as my bouquet, and each of the bridesmaid flowers. I like where the table ended up as well, as it had a nice backdrop to it for when photos were taken, yet allowing us to see out to the guests and band.


Our grand entrance consisted of each bridal party member coming up with their own routine, and then concluding with our little number we made up on the spot :-). We then did a welcome and thank you speech, followed by the blessing by Nan. 

Bridal Party Entrance.jpg

^  Our Grand Entrance... :-)  ^

Thank you speech to family and friends.

Thank you speech to family and friends.

Nan gives the prayer over the dinner.

Nan gives the prayer over the dinner.


The speeches for the evening included my Maid of Honor, Best Man, and both of our sets of parents. You could tell each person put time into personalizing their toast, and we enjoyed each one of them!


A unique personable touch: I wanted to have this moment really special for our parents. We wanted to honor them and their years of support and love, and I look back and really am blessed to have shared this special moment with my dad.

So, we had Bryan's mom give her speech before they both shared in the mother/son dance!






Then, my parents gave their speech, and Dad asked me for a dance. I'm writing this blog post in a public space and don't really want to start crying, so I'll leave it with these beautiful photos of daddy and I sharing the dance floor :-) ...

Dad daughter dance 1 - Lukes Wedding.jpg
Dad daughter dance 3 - Lukes Wedding.jpg
Dad daughter dance 2 - Lukes Wedding.jpg
Dad daughter dance 4 - Lukes Wedding.jpg


After the dances with our parents, we moved into a video that was all about telling our story to our wedding guests. This has a personal touch to it, and it almost didn't happen! The afternoon before the wedding, I was at home trying to finish editing this (I know, crazy...). When I realized I just didn't have the physical strength or time to finish it, I broke down. I texted every and any videographer I knew, but came up empty-handed. Then, I got a text from a dear friend from my days at Disney, letting me know that the crew was finally in Arizona! I called her crying – telling her my situation. Trent, one of the other friends from Disney who knew the program from a graphic-designer perspective, offered to take a program he had little experience with, put his graphic design expertise to action and spent the evening editing the final portions to our video. A blessing that meant the world to me!!!



As the movie faded, we came out to the dance floor to share in our first dance together as husband and wife. Dancing is a passion of mine, so it was so amazing having my husband and I learn a specific routine for our wedding, with a specific song that has meaning to the both of us. My forever life dance partner ❤ ...

Our First Dance 1.jpg
Our First Dance 2.jpg
Our First Dance 3.jpg
Our First Dance 5.jpg


After our first dance, I surprised Bryan with a gift of song. Bryan has always told me that one of his favorite memories of me is one of the nights he came over, I sat and sang while playing the guitar...and that meant the world to him. So, when it came to giving him something on our wedding day, I decided to write him a song and perform it for him.


Bryan Song 1 - Lukes Wedding.jpg
Bryan Song 4 - Lukes Wedding.jpg


During the remaining portion of the reception, we walked around taking photos and visiting with as many guests as we could! We also took part of tradition wedding events like the cake cutting, money dance and bouquet / garter toss (or, in Bryan's case, football toss)!





Money Dance.jpg


Group Photo.jpg
Garter Toss.jpg
Bouquet Toss.jpg


What says grand exit better than SPARKLERS and a 1969 CLASSIC CORVETTE (courtesy of my parents)!   :-)   I love how these photos turned out, and the personalized sign my parents put together to fit classically on the rear of the car. Driving off with my forever love is the greatest start to a new beginning as husband and wife. A spectacular night, indeed...

Grand Exit 1.jpg
Grand Exit 2.jpg
Grand Exit 3.jpg
Grand Exit 4.jpg
Photo Credit: Sean Shelton

Photo Credit: Sean Shelton

Grand Exit 5.jpg
Grand Exit 6.jpg
Grand Exit 7.jpg




I cannot say enough good things about Shannon (the venue coordinator) and the rest of the PVCC staff. Professional – professional - PROFESSIONAL! Shannon was 100% always willing and ready to help. It feels REALLY good to be a bride and NOT have to have in the back of your mind if the reception coordinator really knows what they are doing (psst...Shannon is an expert and truly gifted in her craft)! She also didn't mind the handful of visits I wanted to make to the facility leading up to the big day to make sure all details were in order :-) ...THANK YOU for your kindness and professionalism (oh, and how can we forget the all around BEAUTIFUL facility and backdrop)!

  • Product Itself: Excellent
  • Customer Service: Excellent
  • Costs: N/A
  • Overall recommendation: 5 ♥/ 5 ♥



I met Budd at a bridal expo, and was (I believe) the only vendor I found through this time of expo...AND IT WAS WORTH IT! He is the best of the best, and I cannot brag on his professionalism and expertise enough. He understood my needs and fulfilled it. Our meetings were productive, and his services were nothing short of excellent. An example of a stress-free vendor. Recommended!

  • Product Itself: Excellent
  • Customer Service: Excellent
  • Costs: Reasonable
  • Overall recommendation: 5 ♥/ 5 ♥



This group was incredible! Young, professional and very easy to work with. What a talented group, and I am so fortunate to have found them. Bryan and I used to be involved in a non-profit organization, and at a fundraising event this band was playing. I knew instantly I wanted them to be a part of our evening, as they actually unintentionally represented how Bryan and I first met: helping the youth. Hands down: a wonderful group to work with!

  • Product Itself: Excellent
  • Customer Service: Excellent
  • Costs: Excellent
  • Overall recommendation: 5 ♥/ 5 ♥



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Wedding Photographer: About Love Studios