Updates from Christie

Welcome to my new and improved website!

Notice something different? Why not change up my website in conjunction with a change to my last name! :-)

I am excited to finally get this new website design launched for my online community. I feel it is imperative to get the new look up and running!


Where have I been since the last post? How about...

  • Wedding preparations...and more prep...and MORE prep
  • Getting married!! 4.22.16 <3
  • Honeymoon getaway in Maui
  • Settling in a new part of town (still in Phoenix, but now with a hubby and new place!)
  • Re-organizing and planning
  • Seeing "what's next"
  • Working on the side!

So...what's next (for the blog)??

1) Our wedding photos (and reviews): Since a good chunk of time derived of wedding planning and preparation from Jan-April, I figure once my professional photos arrive, I'll include a post of photos from my wedding (PS – Shout-out, as I am SUPER thankful to family and friends who captured moments like below to "hold us over" Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU)! I loved being able to plan out my own wedding, and cannot wait to share more about the journey!

My husband and I on our wedding day!

My husband and I on our wedding day!

Our first dance... &lt;3

Our first dance... <3

2) "Mauimoon" photos: ALSO...be on the lookout for a post with an amazingly awesome photo shoot from our Honeymoon in Maui! I cannot wait to share those! Here are two sneak-peak pics in the meantime...

"Mauimoon" –&nbsp;Luau in Lahaina

"Mauimoon" – Luau in Lahaina

"Mauimoon" –&nbsp;Last dinner in Maui before coming back to Phoenix

"Mauimoon" – Last dinner in Maui before coming back to Phoenix

As a heads up for all my future clients reading this post, I like to combine a little bit of my professional work with personal "day-to-day" on my blogs. I love doing life creatively, so the two worlds sometimes inevitably combine. I hope this mix helps you get a taste of my personality, as I look forward to the opportunity of working with you!


So...what's next (for the business)??

As you can see, there are some newly listed business services I provide! I would love for you to explore each area. I make sure to provide excellence in each category, and I am also happy to send reviews to give you the best assurance of my professionalism and experience level. There are still areas under contruction, but I believe what is provided is a great base for launching the updated website design. Stay tuned for more updates! :-)

Until next time, have a creative day!

<3 Christie