My goal as a producer is to creatively execute and exceed my client's vision for a project.


Whether it be to showcase a program or department, or engage the viewer to feel connected with the storyline – I continue to challenge myself to create videos that go above and beyond.


Simply put: Tell a story.

Video project examples

Creative Videos (Shot/Edit/Lyrics) 

This is a video I created to ask my friend, Aimee, to be my Maid of Honor. In the style of Will Smith's, "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" TV theme song. Lyrics by Christie Roshau

Broadcasted TV Spot (Director, Editor) 

Promotional Videos (Producer/Editor)

(Producer | Editor)

(Producer | Contributing Videographer | Editor)


News Packages, (Shooter | Editor)

(Contributing Videographer)

4:40 into video - (Editor)

Video Project Examples 

Corporate Communications Magazine-Style Programs

News Reporting and story packages and live recordings

Foundation and Non-Profit Videos

In-Game MLB AZ Diamondbacks Music Videos

Business Economic Information Video

Company Department Focus

Banquet/Philanthropy Event Videos

City of Tempe Light Rail Grand Opening Commercial

"Commit to the process of success. If you do, through all the challenges, God will certainly allow you to get to where you're trying to go."

-DeVon Franklin, Studio Executive at Columbia Tristar Pictures (Sony Pictures Entertainment)